Make It Personal – How to Benefit from a Consulting Partnership

You have an important project you want to implement, but your current team is at full capacity. Or you need a subject matter expert for a few hours here and there and cannot justify hiring a full-time employee or training your staff. Is there someone at your organization you can turn to when issues like these arise? If you do not have anyone or could use another person in your corner, consider partnering with a consulting company. Why should you take the time and energy to develop that relationship – especially if you do not need a resource right now?
  • You will already have a rapport with the organization, and they will have a good understanding of you so they can hit the ground running when an issue or immediate need arises.
  • You can get many of the administrative details completed before you need to engage the consulting company (like having a contract in place), making it easier to do business when things are stressful, and you need to move quickly.
  • The consulting company will understand the skills your organization needs and can start engaging with resources that would be an asset to you down the road and can keep a warm bench of resources ready.
  • A consulting company will give you an outside perspective and may approach the problem differently.
If you engage healthcare information technology and project resources at your company, consider finding out how partnering with Patriot Services can benefit you. We’d love to learn more about your projects and challenges and introduce you to a great network of resources we have spent decades developing. Email or call 1-877-788-2292 to find out more about the benefits of partnering with us.