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Make It Personal – How to Benefit from a Consulting Partnership

You have an important project you want to implement, but your current team is at full capacity. Or you need a subject matter expert for a few hours here and there and cannot justify hiring a full-time employee or training your staff. Is there someone at your organization you can turn to when issues like these arise? If you do not have anyone or could use another person in your corner, consider partnering with a consulting company.

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How To Ensure Your Quiet Hiring Practices Don’t Lead to Quiet Firing

First, let’s start with “What is Quiet Hiring?” According to a interview with Emily Rose McRae, Senior Director of Research at Gartner, “quiet hiring is when an organization acquires new skills without actually hiring new full-time employees.” Internal quiet hiring happens when an employer uses internal resources to fill a role; external quiet hiring is bringing in a consultant to fill the role.

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